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Road to Pilgrimage

Conducting Local Tours in Natchez or Vicksburg for Tourists From Around the World

Various Tours & Outdoor Adventures in Mississippi

Spring blooms eternal and brings visitors to the historic cities of Southwest Mississippi. But especially Vicksburg and Natchez, which are both beautiful towns steeped in history and graced by stately homes and lush gardens. “Roads to Pilgrimage” brings the adventure home by allowing you to curate your own personal discovery of the area during this glorious Southern Spring season.

Scenic Highway 61 is the “Route 66” of the area and the key to your adventure. An excursion originating from either Vicksburg or Natchez is a picturesque drive of little over an hour and less than seventy-five miles. Either way, it’s sure to be a relaxing experience of discovery.

With the beginning of the new season, you will find the roadside peppered with flowering trees and plants from the Dogwood and Wisteria to the landscape-draped Kudzu! As the days grow longer, Magnolias and Mimosas finish the season in splendor. Midway during your excursion, you will find that the quaint little town of Port Gibson and the historic Lorman General Store make interesting detours for exploring.

Spring brings an aura of new energy and both cities boast a notable array of shops, galleries, museums, restaurants, breweries, distilleries, music, and nightlife! More than enough activity to fill your day. You may even decide to extend your travel by taking advantage of the numerous Bed and Breakfast and local hotels, which are plentiful in both cities.

Explore While Driving is the starting place for your adventure. We can design a personal experience just for you! Visit or call (601) 890-2388.

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Various Tours & Outdoor Adventures in Mississippi

What to Expect from Us?

Set your own easy going pace on this kind of journey. Dive in and explore your destination up and close and in-depth, with Backroads trip leaders taking care of the details to support you along the way. Enjoy the company of local experts who share the regions hidden gems. Take the freedom each day to travel in your own style whether that is a relaxed adagio pace or something more up tempo. Welcome to Active Travel at the beat of your own drum. Our team provides several activities you can enjoy with family, friends, or alone.

  • Learn How to Train a Horse
  • Ride an ATV
  • Learn About the Cities History & Civil Rights
  • You Can Curate Your Private Tour Guide
  • Visit a Beautiful Cemetery in the South
  • The Only Ordained Basilica in the South
  • Mississippi River Tours With the Most Beautiful Sunsets
  • Gospel Choir Events
  • Mississippi Blues Trail Events
  • Local Movie Film Making
  • Frogmore Plantations
  • Ghost Thrilled Tours
  • Mansion Tours
  • Christmas Events & Tours
  • Ceramic and Manual Activities
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